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Swedish Esalen Massage
This is what most people think of when they request a massage.  It combines soft tissue manipulation and working with the flow of the blood. It stimulates and tones the muscles and helps the body's healing processes and circulation, as well as releasing toxins. It helps ease muscle tension and relieves stress.
Neuromuscular Therapy
Areas of pain are pinpointed and specific treatments applied to release muscle tension.
Neck and Shoulder Release
Gentle pressure to specific acu-points on the neck and shoulders help relieve pain and muscular tension.
Lymphatic Drainage
These slow friction movements help break down toxins by moving lymphatic fluids. Very effective for the breakdown of cellulite, reducing swelling, detoxifying, toning the skin, and relieving sore muscles due to lactic acid buildup. Extremely relaxing.
European Face-lift Massage
No one else in the area offers this one! This special technique from Italy includes a 1 ¾-hour treatment on the face, neck, upper chest, back, hands, arms and feet, using hot towels, massage and natural skin care products.  It helps soften wrinkles, improves circulation to the face, and reduces under-eye puffiness. Makes the skin youthful and glowing and relaxes the entire body. 
Foot Reflexology
This therapeutic foot massage stimulates the soles of the feet and toes, which correspond to parts of the body through nerves. This helps remove crystallized buildup on nerve endings and balances the system through nerve stimulation.
TMJ Massage
A series of 4 treatments that assess and are designed to improve jaw flexibility and reduce pain. Treats muscles inside and outside the mouth and neck area.
A gentle technique using universal life energy and soothing touch for emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Very nurturing and deeply relaxing.
Polarity Balancing
Uses gentle touch to correct energy imbalances in your mind/body/spirit
Chakra Balancing
Each chakra is checked using a pendulum, and then balanced if not in synch.  
I will come to your work place, conference, or party for groups.  Individuals may come to my massage studio.  Great for bridal showers and workplace rewards. Remarkably refreshing for such a brief treatment!
Full treatment: 15 minutes
Minimum 1 hour for out-calls.
 Removes excess wax build-up, and helps relieve pressure from sinus infection.
Call for an appointment!  Archan Sramek, The Massage Angel, Beaver Dam, WI   (920)-887-0717 (w)  (920)-296-3786 (c) archan@charter.net






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