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J.W., Beaver Dam, WI
 "Archan gave me the best massage I have ever had. After experiencing her healing hands, I felt physical improvements, as well as a better frame of mind. I would highly recommend her!"

K.M., Kohler, WI, Retired
“Archan offers the most ultimate relaxation massage ever!  Her healing touch is fabulous.”
Sally May, Beaver Dam, WI, Administrative Assistant
“Archan always impresses me with her professionalism and thoroughness. I am always left feeling refreshed after one of her massages. I recommend her anytime someone from town mentions they are looking for a caring professional to help them with their aches and pains or just want to feel truly pampered. Archan is worth every penny and more!”
 M.T., Beaver Dam,  WI, age 74
“The Massage Angel has graced me with many massages through the years. Her massages are so tension relieving that I often fall asleep on the table. I love the choice of scented oils that meet my mood at the time.”
Tom W., Beaver Dam, WI
"I have seen a lot of massage specialists and I am personally involved in the healing arts. I can recommend Archan as someone who is caring and professional in her approach to massage. She always works to achieve the best for her clients."

Benjamin Talbot, Beaver Dam, WI
“I highly recommend Archan as a massage therapist. Her work is genuinely heart felt, as well as technically superior. In fact, I recommend repeat applications of her fine skills! “ 
Theresa Pack, Founder, Mendocino School of Holistic Massage and Advanced Healing Arts, Redwood Valley, CA
"You are a gifted body worker! You have a beautiful sense of your client. I am inspired by the work you have done."

 Call for an appointment!  Archan Sramek, The Massage Angel, Beaver Dam, WI   (920)-887-0717 (w)  (920)-296-3786 (c)   archan@charter.net


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